Curious creatures get along just fine

photo by David Mudge
Some partnerships just seem right – cheese and crackers, McCaw and Carter, bats and wood roses. These last two get along perfectly because New Zealand’s short-tailed bat is about the only bat in the world to spend most of its life on the forest floor. The wood rose is a parasitic plant that lives on tree roots and relies on the bat to pollinate its flowers. These bats and wood roses are rarities and, like many of New Zealand’s unique species, are struggling to survive. The Departmen...

Birds and breakfast make for a unique event

The dawn chorus of our native birds is world class, and locals will have a chance to hear it next month at a Breakfast With The Birds event at Aongatete Forest. The event is being organized by the Aongatete Forest Trust, and chairwoman Barbara McGillivray says it will be something special. “We have been doing predator control in the forest for 10 years now, and we thought it would be a good opportunity for people to get the chance to hear the result of that work.” " order_by="sortorder"...

Interactive Nature Trail Opens to Public

A walk in the Kamais is about to become even more enjoyable with the opening of a Nature Trail at Aongatete Forest. Thirty beautiful interactive panels make up the trail, including panels on forest ecology, tree, insect and bird identification, geology, and pest control. A separate trail covers plants associated with rongoa, or traditional Maori medicine. The Nature Trail is a joint project between the Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre and the Aongatete Forest Restoration Trust. The b...