October 2017 – Fun in the Forest

The children in the photo have been playing the Rainbow game, finding and matching colours to lichens and fungi and natural things in the forest.

The native forest is full of surprises. During the coming Conservation Week in the Aongatete forest there will be two opportunities for everyone who is curious to explore.

The first activity, ‘Secrets of the forest’, will be on Sunday morning, 15th October from 10 to 12.30. This guided walk will be particularly suitable for families and children 8 to 12 years old. Every child will be given an activity booklet with quizzes and quests and we will set out to find the answers along the Short Loop track. The track is easy. Don’t forget to bring a pencil and a firm notebook to press on.

The second activity will be a night walk, meeting at 7 pm on the evening of Friday 20th. Night is the time when the forest comes alive. Under the cover of darkness, spiders go hunting, weta emerge from their hiding places to chew leaves and glow worms light up their sticky threads to lure their prey. This walk will be led by an expert in creepy-crawlies, entomologist Dr Peter Maddison. Don’t forget your torch and spare batteries!

For both activities, children must wear sensible shoes and bring warm clothes, a snack, a drink and an adult. The meeting place is the Aongatete carpark at the top of Wright Road. For each activity, participants will be limited. If you want to come, be quick! Go to events@aongateteforest.org and register.

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