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Rats and rare birds

Controlling rats is the key to creating a healthy forest. Rats eat almost everything. They eat the fruits and the seeds that

Rats and rare birds2019-11-11T23:13:18+13:00

Tiny boxes bring big excitement

If there was a Kiwibuild programme for our native bird species, the rifleman that live in Aongatete forest have scooped the ballot!

Tiny boxes bring big excitement2019-11-11T01:11:26+13:00

Bay Conservation Alliance: big aspirations

Bay Conservation Alliance launched on Friday 21st September 2018 as part of National Conservation Week and with the support of Conservation Minister

Bay Conservation Alliance: big aspirations2019-11-11T01:20:43+13:00

Neighbour Newsletter Winter 18

New Phone Number The Project now has a permanent contact number. The number is forwarded to a “duty officer”, to deal with

Neighbour Newsletter Winter 182019-11-11T04:18:56+13:00

Seeds for the future June18

Planting seeds is all about hope. Provided they are watered and the birds don’t scratch them up, tiny carrot seeds will put

Seeds for the future June182019-11-11T23:15:43+13:00

Who volunteers at Aongatete?

A community thrives on volunteers and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether its helping the environment or the elderly or

Who volunteers at Aongatete?2019-11-11T23:14:15+13:00

The Lazarus Effect

Ann Graeme shares her personal stories of native New Zealand birds and insects that have returned after community pest control is carried

The Lazarus Effect2019-11-11T04:07:46+13:00

Forest ringlet butterfly

As the song goes; ‘If you go into the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise,’ and that is just what

Forest ringlet butterfly2019-11-19T01:06:01+13:00

Neighbour Newsletter Summer 18

Greetings, neighbors of Aongatete Forest. This is the first of more regular newsletters from us, to keep you informed about our activities.

Neighbour Newsletter Summer 182019-11-11T04:17:52+13:00

Kaimai Geology

Behind Aongatete the forest gradually rises to the high ridge called Ngatamahinerua. This massive landform is part of the range of the

Kaimai Geology2019-11-11T23:14:46+13:00
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