Bird report proves forest bounty

Volunteer-led pest control has been underway in Aongatete Forest since 2007. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this work has had a noticeable impact

Bird report proves forest bounty2023-09-26T09:57:00+13:00

Rats and rare birds

Controlling rats is the key to creating a healthy forest. Rats eat almost everything. They eat the fruits and the seeds that

Rats and rare birds2019-11-11T23:13:18+13:00

The Lazarus Effect

Ann Graeme shares her personal stories of native New Zealand birds and insects that have returned after community pest control is carried

The Lazarus Effect2019-11-11T04:07:46+13:00

Neighbour Newsletter Summer 18

Greetings, neighbors of Aongatete Forest. This is the first of more regular newsletters from us, to keep you informed about our activities.

Neighbour Newsletter Summer 182019-11-11T04:17:52+13:00


Extinction is like a full stop. It happens when the very last individual of a species dies. The Parliamentary Commissioner for the


Weka Capture and Release – video

This video shows the capture, translocation and subsequent release into Aongatete Forest of weka, in 2015. Thanks to Barry and Pam Pethybridge

Weka Capture and Release – video2016-12-16T16:29:23+13:00

November 2016 – Breakfast with the Birds

The overnight event at Aongatete Lodge was billed as ‘Breakfast with the Birds’. It could equally have been described as ‘Spying on

November 2016 – Breakfast with the Birds2016-11-15T20:26:27+13:00

October 2016 – the birds are back

Spring is here. The shining cuckoos are calling in the forest. They have spent the winter in the Solomon Islands and flown

October 2016 – the birds are back2016-10-15T22:28:24+13:00
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