Aerial restoration antics at Aongatete

Spring 2020 saw us carry out an innovative restoration of indigenous biodiversity in our forest. Several years in the planning, this involved

Aerial restoration antics at Aongatete2021-01-07T04:24:03+13:00

Seeds for the future June18

Planting seeds is all about hope. Provided they are watered and the birds don’t scratch them up, tiny carrot seeds will put

Seeds for the future June182019-11-11T23:15:43+13:00

Kaimai Geology

Behind Aongatete the forest gradually rises to the high ridge called Ngatamahinerua. This massive landform is part of the range of the

Kaimai Geology2019-11-11T23:14:46+13:00

The lone kauri Nov17

The long loop track at Aongatete leads gently up into the Kaimai forest. The forest changes as you climb. The lowland trees

The lone kauri Nov172019-11-11T23:15:19+13:00

Flowers of the Forest Sept17

Most of the flowers in the native forest are not showy. Many are small, white and – to our eyes – boring.

Flowers of the Forest Sept172019-11-11T23:15:26+13:00

Kevin Hague visits

On the 13th July 2017, Kevin Hague, the CEO of Forest and Bird, visited the Forest. We used the opportunity to invite

Kevin Hague visits2019-11-11T23:04:02+13:00

April 2017 – Giant moss

Male Moss A giant grows at Aongatete. It’s not a tree or a fern or a flower – it’s a

April 2017 – Giant moss2017-04-05T16:52:32+12:00

Curious creatures get along just fine

Some partnerships just seem right – cheese and crackers, McCaw and Carter, bats and wood roses. These last two get along perfectly

Curious creatures get along just fine2023-09-18T16:20:27+12:00
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