Bird report proves forest bounty

Volunteer-led pest control has been underway in Aongatete Forest since 2007. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this work has had a noticeable impact

Bird report proves forest bounty2023-09-26T09:57:00+13:00

Bay Conservation Alliance Annual Report

Feast your eyes on this magnificent round-up of Bay Conservation Alliance’s member organisations. It’s heartening to see the ongoing commitment and passion

Bay Conservation Alliance Annual Report2023-09-18T15:46:03+12:00

Who volunteers at Aongatete?

A community thrives on volunteers and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether its helping the environment or the elderly or

Who volunteers at Aongatete?2019-11-11T23:14:15+13:00

Meet Millie, the rat dog

A new volunteer has come to Aongatete forest to help the Project to control rats. She didn’t walk in carrying a bag

Meet Millie, the rat dog2019-11-20T00:54:21+13:00
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