Pests of Aongatete Forest – video

These are the enemy of native biodiversity. This film was compiled in 2014 (no sound). We use game cameras to understand the

Pests of Aongatete Forest – video2016-12-16T16:23:14+13:00

May 2016 – Rare fern discovered

The king fern is a magnificent plant. Its glossy fronds grow up to three metres long and a metre wide. It looks

May 2016 – Rare fern discovered2016-05-15T15:58:32+12:00

February 2016 – Killing for Survival

In New Zealand conservation is all about killing. It’s tragic but it’s true. The animals we kill we call ‘pests’. Before people

February 2016 – Killing for Survival2016-02-15T17:27:19+13:00
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