Neighbour Newsletter Summer 18

Greetings, neighbors of Aongatete Forest. This is the first of more regular newsletters from us, to keep you informed about our activities.

Neighbour Newsletter Summer 182019-11-11T04:17:52+13:00

Predator Free 2050 Aug17

Can we rid New Zealand of possums, rats and stoats by 2050? Kevin Hackwell ‘Yes, we can,” says Forest &

Predator Free 2050 Aug172019-11-11T23:15:06+13:00

August 2016 – Stoat busters

The nesting birds in the Aongatete forest are easy prey for stoats. But trapping stoats is difficult because they are smart animals,

August 2016 – Stoat busters2016-08-15T21:54:39+12:00

April 2016 – Stoats at large

It has been a strange summer. The threatened drought did not happen and instead regular rainfall made the garden and the forest

April 2016 – Stoats at large2016-04-15T15:50:09+12:00

February 2016 – Killing for Survival

In New Zealand conservation is all about killing. It’s tragic but it’s true. The animals we kill we call ‘pests’. Before people

February 2016 – Killing for Survival2016-02-15T17:27:19+13:00
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