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Summer Feracol Operation – Phase 1

**Moved from Feb 12th to Feb 19th due to wet weather** This is the start of our carefully coordinated cholecalciferol toxin operation for rat and possum control, which takes place over 3 Saturdays, spread out over the next 6 weeks. Head out into the forest to place a tasty, non-toxic lure (Ferafeed) in a line of bait stations, and at the same time, pull in any old/uneaten diphacinone bait from our last 2021 campaign.

This is a major campaign, our aim is to bring the summer proliferation of rodents back down.  It’s a big job and your help is greatly appreciated.

You’ll be provided with a map and instructions. New volunteers will be paired with an experienced person. Clothing and footwear should be suitable for walking off track, plus bring a backpack with any meds that you require and a full bottle of water. Wear gloves if you prefer. There will be a refreshing cuppa and bikkies to replenish your energy levels when you’re done!

We also need good weather so keep your fingers crossed – check back here and on our Facebook page for updates in case of rain delays.

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