Our Work

Our vision is to see the forest flourish. Our mission is to showcase what the Kaimai Mamaku could look like with effective, large-scale pest control.


Rats and hedgehogs eat native lizards and invertebrates, and forage bird nests for eggs. Rats are prey for stoats, ferrets and feral cats – attracting them to the bush, where they also prey on native species. Possums are a problem throughout the Kaimai, striping the forest of much of its foliage and they also raid bird nests. Indeed, they have eaten so much vegetation that their favourite plants are now gone or going. The holes created in the canopy make tall trees like tawa vulnerable to being knocked over in the wind. As new seedlings and saplings grow, deer mow the forest floor clean, leaving bald patches.

Restoration of the Aongatete forest ecosystem requires pest control, and it’s making a difference. Compared to when the Project started, bird numbers are up – rifleman have reappeared and robin are common. The volume of insects has increased dramatically, which means more food for birds. With fewer possums, more green shoots, flowers and fruit can survive, feeding the native inhabitants and giving the forest’s natural regenerative processes a chance to work.

Want to get involved?

We’ve made a difference but it’s an ongoing effort – you might be surprised at the wide range of thing you could do to help! More volunteers and supporters for Aongatete Forest Project are very welcome.

What’s been happening?

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